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Singing Birth Workshop at Bassano del Grappa, October 2014

There are places that love you and call you back periodically as if there was a mysterious attraction. One of these places for me is Bassano del Grappa in Northern Italy. There is something special there, the women. My favorite women of Bassano are "13 Doulas".

They were there exchanging birth stories when I published my book Memoirs of a Singing Birth, they called me again when the Italian edition of the book was published and we sang and cried together, they wanted me with Ibu Robin Lim presenting her book on the Placenta the Forgotten Chakra and we had great time and laugh. With Bluebird and Skoko we sang for them in the occasion of Debra Pascali-Bonaro's visit. And there I was again in October with one day Singing Birth Workshop where we shared knowledge and women power. This workshop exists because of your loving support. Thank you!

I wish to thank Chiara Pozzi Perteghella for a marvelous hospitality and all the Great Women who were singing and dancing with me. YOU are special!


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