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Singing Birth Workshop for a Doula

“Initially, I was a little bit distrustful. But I like to try before I judge and, since there was the possibility to stay with Elena for a whole day, I decided to join the Singing Birth Workshop. In Italy, they say: “sing and the troubles will go away”. Elena’s workshop seemed like a good way to test the old proverbs… And this was the case. We were a beautiful colorful and multiethnic group of people, with two moms holding their babies and a mom with a baby in her belly. Observing the dynamics that enfolded during the day and the energies that were taking shape around and inside our circle, I couldn’t help but using the perceived sensations and the knowledge I acquired with “my bellies”, the pregnant women I assist as a doula. They all managed to get “sonorized”!!! At the beginning, with timid and suffocated vocalizations and then the more they were doing it, the more they started to discover what marvelous creatures they are! The next Saturday, I played with them a little, using elements of belly dancing and, at the end, shutting the background music off, we were only chanting. The result? One of the moms is interested into knowing more about Singing Birth, and actually put it into practice at her labor and birth!!! I wonder if I will be able to assist her in this experience… Elena, please, stay with me and thank you so much for letting me have the taste of this experience, so strong in a spiritual way.” Olga Ivanovtchik, doula, Italy

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SINGING BIRTH From Your Voice to Your Yoni