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I Live Next to St. Valentine's Grave and I Didn’t Know It!

My daughter Koko met a cute friend Valentino, three years older then her and son of my dear friend Martina who is a doula in Rome. Koko immediately associated his name with St. Valentine’s , the day of people in love. She decided to engage straight away. The offer was accepted and she gave Valentino thousand of kisses, which he did not decline. After they left, she was thrilled and excited and couldn’t go to sleep.

“Valentino is my “fidanzato”, mama!”, she said with a cheeky smile.

“Oh, that’s nice, honey. I though it was Tommaso….”

“Tommaso too. They are all my “fidanzati”. I want to have a lot of them whenever I want!”

“OK, dear”, and after few minutes she happily fell asleep.

The lovers’ day is close and I just discovered that the saint that we celebrate the 14th of February is buried close to our house in Rome, on the North of the city. It takes me only 10 minutes of easy walk to reach the place. Actually, I pass by it so often without knowing anything about its existence! According to the hagiographers, St. Valentino used to secretly merry couples so to make men unsuitable to be recruited in the Roman army. There is a church dedicated to his name built in the ‘60s for the Olimpic Games, but a much older church and catacombs should still be nearby, on the place that used to be a roman graveyard, on the land belonging to the ancient roman matron Sabina. Though the place is not available to the public, I think I will propose a pilgrimage to my daughter in search for the famous saint’s grave on his day.

Since I met my valentine Rob Bluebird, I always asked myself why did I happen to live in Rome and what did attract me to this Roman guy. Sis', he lives next to his pal Mr St Valentine, he must have a few special arrows in his basket... No wonder we passionately fell in love, we made a lovely daughter in the cosmic symphony and we gently sang our baby to Earth!

I love you, Bluebird! You're my sweet loving valentine.

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