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Join Us in Croatia and Switzerland in May


May 23, Singing Birth Workshop in Rovinj (Croatia)

I am happy to invite you on May 23 in Rovinj, the picturesque city by the sea in Croatia where fishermen traditionally sing to honor the Great Sea as a mother and as a lover. On the day of the workshop, women will gather to celebrate the Feminine and reconnect our voices with our yonis. We will be harmonizing our voices and enjoy dancing in a cosy Yoga center Sadhana. Contact:


May 30-31, Singing Birth Workshop in Lugano (Switzerland)

I have such a strong impression that the Nymphs of the lakes and sources, guardians of women and childbirth, are back and they are calling upon us with their songs to reclaim our own voice. I was called by The Circle of Doulas of Italian Switzerland to facilitate a Singing Birth Workshop at Lugano on May 30-31. Now, did you know that the name Lugano comes from Lug, the guardian of the waters and partner of Mère-Lusine (Melusine), the Lady and the Great Nymph of the nearby lake? Come and join us to find out more:

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SINGING BIRTH From Your Voice to Your Yoni