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Human Rights in Childbirth

When we talk about singing in childbith, this is not just a new trend in maternity. It is about womens' voices being heard. It is about womens' empowerment and self-determination.

When I facilitate Singing Birth Workshops I help women finding their own voices in order to stand for their own and their children's dignity and integrity. I know, it sounds ambicous, but singing IS a political act.

Women are hardly singing in public anymore. Not alone, not together, and this is a huge cultural loss that has practical implications in everyday life.

When our voice connects to the power of our most intimate being, great things can happen.

With my voice I stand (I do like other positions as well...) in my personal and in my public life for women's most fundamental rights.

I am so moved when the work of human rights in childbirth done by activists all over the world gains public appreciation. Today, we are on the Huffington Post UK:

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