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[eng] Croon Until You Crown - Singing Birth Podcast 01

Singing Birth Podcasts

by Elena Skoko

"Croon Until You Crown"

(podcast transcript)

Hi, my name is Elena Skoko and I am a founder and facilitator of Singing Birth Workshops. In this podcast* I will talk to you about the use of voice in childbirth.

I will assume you are a pregnant woman searching for information, looking for inspiring stories and useful practices to prepare for childbirth. I like to think that you might stumble upon this podcast* and feel relieved by learning that birth can be a pleasurable and amazing experience.

I do believe singing and dancing can help during childbirth. I sang my baby to Earth, and I helped other women do so, even if we only met on the Internet.

The fact that I’m telling you this may already change your future experience. Now you know that you can use your voice, that you can sing during labor and childbirth, and you can move your body rhythmically to make this experience more comfortable and joyful.

Your baby will love it, your partner will feel reassured, as well as your assistants. If you plan to give birth with medical personnel, it is a good idea to tell them before that you wish to sing and dance during labor.

At this point you might wonder what kind of songs or sounds you should use during childbirth. There is a whole range of vocal practices that you can use, and I teach them in my workshops. However, if you let yourself go, you can find your own vocalizations or songs that feel just perfect for those moments. I can give you a hint.

Do you remember those romantic songs that your grandma used to listen to on the radio, visibly pleased, the ones sang by Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Dean Martin or Elvis Presley? They used to call them “crooners”, because they would “croon”, like bulls and cows do. They would make those deep nasal sounds and long vowels. “I did it my way”. There were many female crooners as well, especially in the blues. Nurture your ears with Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, Peggy Lee and more.

This crooning sound has been part of women’s lives since ages. This is one of the reasons why the cow is holy in many cultures, and why it is connected to the important physiological changes in women’s bodies. That sound is soothing and pleasurable to the woman’s ears and her entire body. Did you ever notice that when you hear something truly pleasurable, you feel a tickling in your intimate parts? No wonder women were crazy about Elvis…

When we prepare for birth, we often forget about our ears. They participate in the process as actively as your brain or your pelvic floor. During pregnancy we have to nurture them with good vibrations and pleasant sounds. You will remember all of them in childbirth. They will sooth your fear and pain. They will make a good “sing-list” for your own singing birth experience. Remember to indulge in those long vowels and “mmmm” sounds. Croon until you crown.

I will sing for you one of my favorite crooner songs. Before, I wish to invite you to visit my website and contact me if you consider going deeper into Singing Birth practices. You can also invite me to do a workshop in your area. I love you.


* I say "video" instead of "podcast" in the recording, as I planned to do a video lesson. I recently discovered this recording in my computer, and I though I could share it with you - since I will probably not make a video of it. I think it's a nice 6 minutes... I'm still feeling good about it :) Elena

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